Cords Of Steel Have Arrived

Got my two cords of steel device chargers the other day. Not only can they charge an iphone, but they can charge android devices as well as over 90% of other devices that folks use (like drones, playstations, ipads, tablets, etc).

Our flexible stainless steel cord and zinc alloy charging heads are key features to our Tough charging cords.
Designed with an Apple on one side and an Android character on the other, our cords are Smart enough to understand the difference between an iPhone and a Micro USB device.
With its dual/reversible head design, our cords are Versatile enough to charge both iPhone and many Android / Micro USB devices
With Cords Of Steel you will avoid the frustrations of dealing with inferior cords that waste your hard earned money!
No more buying a cord every time you turn around.
Check it out here Cordsofsteel
Comes in 2 lengths and various colors

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Cords Of Steel Have Arrived

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